Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person.

After trying a vast amount of fitness programs and spending many hours at a time in the gym...whilst getting mediocre results…I found myself desperately looking for a better, more effective solution. I was then introduced to EVOTONE. Their knowledgeable and friendly staff guided me through everything I needed to know and got me training in no time. The results so far have been excellent, with noticeable improvements to my general fitness and strength within just a couple of sessions.

Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person

Male, 23, Student,

I hate the Gym and so I thought I would give EVOTONE a go and try something new. Well it really works and saves so much time, it is also quite enjoyable and my training therapist is amazing. The combination of the treatments has resulted in me being able to see a dramatic improvement in fat loss within 2 weeks and only 4 treatments so far….

Finally something that actually works.

Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person

Male, 53, Office Job,

I went the clinic with my sister in law who wanted to get rid of her cellulite. After witnessing her consultation I decided to do it for myself, as I wanted to tighten the skin on my stomach. I always was 55 kilograms but after giving birth my shape completely changed and I could only get down to 60 kilograms and always felt extremely uncomfortable with fat around my stomach. After 8 treatments within 1 month I was back to 55 kilograms again and can now wear the same clothes that I was wearing before I was pregnant.

I recommend this treatment to everybody, it was my first experience with any medical treatment and I was considering plastic surgery but am really really happy with the results and have learned a lot about a healthy lifestyle.


Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person

Female 31 yrs, Housewife,

Visiting the Clinique was a life changing experience. I wasn't overweight or unfit (UK size 10-12), but during the years of sitting behind my desk my body did not look as firm, young and fit as it did in my 20-30ies. I haven't realised that you could tell a lot about someone's age by looking at their thighs rather than face....!  I've decided to entrust my well-hidden body parts - aging thighs with some cellulites and saggy bottom - into a capable hands of Kamila. From the very first visit I have seen great results. I stick to a healthier lifestyle, lots more exercise, drink plenty of water and I feel as fit and as young (with my legs looking so so much younger) as when was 10-15 years ago! Size 8 now!

Thank you!

Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person

Female, 43 y.,