• To form your body
  • Grow muscle mass
  • Easier fat burning
  • Stay in shape
  • Butt lifting
  • Assist posture
  • Sports medicine
  • Muscle repair
  • Growing and strengthening muscle
  • Non-invasive treatment
  • No downtime
  • Constant change of frequencies, waveforms and type of muscle contractions
  • No operator needed during treatment
  • No preparation needed

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the ideal candidate?
TESLAFormer™ treatments are ideal for patients who lead active lifestyles and maintain a healthy diet, who would like to see a more muscular physique.

How long do treatments take?
Typical TESLAFormer™ treatments take just 30 minutes, requiring no downtime or preparation.

How many treatments are required?
Results can be seen after 3 treatments with a total course of 8 treatments recommended.

Is there any downtime?
No, TESLAFormer™ is the ultimate walk-in, walk-out treatment.

Does the TESLAFormer™ replace doing exercise?
No the TeslaFormer™ works best on people who do regular exercise and have a healthy BMI. However the TeslaFormer™ can be used post pregnancy and injury to get back to original condition.

Does the TESLAFormer™ reduce weight?
No the TESLAFormer™ is not a weight loss treatment.

Can I do it ongoing?
Yes, after the original program of 8 treatments you can do ongoing treatments, weekly, fortnightly, monthly or when required. It’s totally up to you!

Body Forming with TESLAFormer™

What are Supramaximal Contractions?
FMS technology works to stimulate the muscles, inducing supramaximal contractions to build muscle cells quicker than achieved by voluntary muscle contractions experienced during traditional strength training.

Supramaximal contractions experienced during your TESLAFormer™ treatments are accompanied by a rapid metabolic reaction in the fat cells which works to strengthen and rebuild the muscle while also reducing fat. The supramaximal contractions trigger the release of free fatty acids to break down localised fat deposits while also improving muscular tone and strength.

Areas of Use

How it Works
Once the FMS has reached the deep tissue, this magnetic field is transformed via induction into a local electrical field which depolarises the motor nerves. Signals then travel along the nerves to the muscles forcing them to contract. Supramaximal muscular contractions are then induced repeatedly without the muscles becoming fatigued.

TESLAFormer™ is a device which is used for muscle strengthening on areas of glutes, abdomen, hamstring area, arms and pelvic floor using the new technology of FMS (Functional Magnetic Stimulation).

TESLAFormer™ will provide a pulsed magnetic field that will contract the muscles through its effect on motor nerves of the muscles on the target site. It has been scientifically found that the technology of FMS will result in increased muscle mass after multiple treatments on the same target location.

TESLAFormer™ in practice
TESLAFormer™ treatments are a great option for patients who want to look fit and healthy, not just reduce excess fat. No preparation is required before the TESLAFormer™ treatment and a typical treatment lasts 30 minutes. A total of eight sessions carried out every other day is recommended for best results.