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Are you fed up with working out for hours and hours in the gym and not getting the results you want?

Do you feel you are wasting your time?

Maybe even decided to give up training completely because you have achieved only a tiny bit of muscle increase after several months?

Realising the dream of having a beautiful, healthy and muscular body is not easy. The habit of exercise is often broken due to lack of time, motivation, loss of enthusiasm and the physical limitations of your body.

Maintaining and speeding up results is hard, even for professional athletes. XBody EMS Fitness has the answer!

There is no better way to achieve fast, sustainable results than with XBody EMS Fitness full body workout.

The electrical impulse, which reaches almost every part of the body, leads to a very powerful and concentrated muscle contraction. Normally only professional athletes can achieve this high level of muscle contraction.

EMS technology helps you to achieve the fast results, efficiency and success of an advanced training immediately.

The XBody training can be done on its own or be combined with any other kind of physical activity.


Achievable results for everyone

XBody makes the results of advanced training programs achievable to everybody.


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XBody EMS Training Health Benefits:

  • Every impulse hits the targeted muscle, so there is no possibility of a wrong exercise at all.
  • The external impulses help the weaker muscles of the body to build up easily thereby rebalancing the muscular system.
  • The electrical impulse has a direct effect on a muscle, so the risk of joint overloading is avoided.
  • The complete muscular system works simultaneously during the training, so the time of training is reduced to 20 minutes, only 2 times a week!
  • Improves the blood circulation of surrounding tissues: Pumping the muscles is one of the best ways to nurture muscle cells.
  • Reduces cellulite by activating the musculature and connective tissue, stimulating circulation and the removal of superfluous fat cells.
  • Reduces body fat: the effective strengthening training program turns the body into a calorie burning machine.
  • Improves body posture: the electrical impulses can reach the stabilizing muscles and force them to work.
  • Reduces backache: the training suits and electrodes help to develop the muscles along the spine, so all problems caused weak stabilizing muscles can be eliminated.
  • Prevents bone fracture and osteoporosis: bigger muscles force the corresponding bones to thicken so they become stronger and more resistant.
  • Positive effects on skin tightening, lipid catabolism, immune system, mood and mental ability.

Shape your body like a pro with XBody

If you do conventional muscle strengthening training it takes along time to achieve minor results. By means of your newave XBody EMS training, you can carry out an intensive training session like advanced athlete, even if you are at a beginner fitness level. Training with XBody EMS technology can lead to fast, effective and amazing body transformations.

There is absolutely no need for huge gym equipment, heavy weights and extremely difficult physical exercise if you train with XBody EMS Newave fitness equipment.

The EMS technology applied in the medical science is used by XBody Training to stimulate the muscles with electrical impulses in order to contract and loosen them by themselves. The training is absolutely safe and efficient.

Tone up with only 2 x 20 minutes per week
Unlike other training devices using electrical currents, XBody EMS works on the whole body, so you can get into shape with just two twenty-minute-long training sessions every week. Nine muscle groups including the abdomen, the back, the bottom, the waist, the legs and the arms just to mention a few, are working togethervery effectively resulting in a beautiful lean muscle tone. Up to 90% of your muscles work together during your XBody EMS training program.

The intensive calorie burning effect can last up to 24 to 48 hours after your workout. The training also helps to shake off the cellulite by increasing your blood circulation and enhancings the drainage of your lymphatic system.

Another pleasant function of XBody EMS training is that the workout ends with a nice massage.

Fat burning made easy with XBody

Our training is a tremendous help in any kind of slimming diet. The effective muscle strengthening training program turns your body into a fat burner. During EMS training with XBody 90% of all muscles between two electrodes are activated simultaneously with EACH contraction cycle. In addition, the muscle contractions are stronger and more intense than a voluntary exertion can do alone.

Losing weight and getting slim is usually tackled with diets. These one-sided and maladjusted eating habits can often lead to a short-term diminution of the weight but it comes at the expense of losing muscular tissue.

The combination of wrong nutrition, lack of exercise or exaggerated endurance training leads to “undesirable developments in the body metabolism”. In a deficiency situation the body keeps its fat stored in order to still have sufficient reserve powers in emergencies. This is responsible for the so-called yoyo effect.

An XBody workout builds of lean muscle mass and promotes metabolic activity during and for hours after. You can burn up to 500 calories during your XBody EMS training and up to 2000 calories in the next 24-48 hours. This way weight can be reduced appropriately and sustainably, especially in conjunction with healthy nutrition. For women, XBody also realize a reduction of the girth primarily in the problem zones: waist, hip and thigh. The fat burn effect of XBody EMS workout on the female body is inevitable. A tightening of chest and arms can also be achieved.

By training with XBody New Wave EMS trainer you can reduce fat fast, increase lean muscle mass and get impressive results just after two, three months regular two by twenty minutes training program combined with a healthy diet.

More information available here: http://www.xbodyworld.com/


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Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person.